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CP Gurnani calls it a day!

CP Gurnani, CEO & Managing Director, Tech Mahindra packs in after a 19-year long tenure at the company.

He bids farewell to his colleagues in a Linkedin Post, “This is a letter that I would write only once in my life. A goodbye letter, which officially marks the end of my 19-year-long tenure with Tech Mahindra, my retirement from corporate life, and of course, my entry into my 66th year. So, what did I learn?

The sprint is yours. Make it big. In Bollywood movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, India’s champion athlete Milkha Singh is running in Pakistan against rival Abdul Khaliq. He gets told by the Pakistani Coach, “ye aapki zindagi ki aakhri race ho sakti hai”. Milkha replies, “daudunga bhi waise hi”. There’s grace in learning like it’s your first time at something, and beauty in delivering like it’s your last – and you need both, every day. My message to you is simple – at some point of time in my life, I’ve been each one of you. So, you must know that you could be anywhere if you put your heart to it. This is about individual excellence, and you should aim for nothing but the first, top, best spot on the stage. It’s in your hands, make the best use of your talent and time. Build yourself.

The relay is your team’s. Make it count. At work, and in life, you will almost always need a team. You will lead one or be a part of one, or both, but it’s unlikely that you will accomplish something big alone. When you play together, think about your strength, and how it can help you win. However, think about your weakness more, and how you can utilize someone else’s strength to win together. Think of a relay race – you will make a run, but you will eventually get tired. You can’t run long enough to deliver the whole distance alone, so you pass the baton on. The actors change, the roles get passed on, the show goes on. That’s how teams win – that’s how you will win. This is about collaborative brilliance. Your life partner, your best friend, your favorite colleague, your mentor, your skills, knowledge, networks – they’re your team. You may run win without them, but you won’t go a long distance. Build your team.

The marathon belongs to the world. Make it happen. Every day, as you continue growing, you will keep getting closer to your larger purpose. It may already be known to you, or it may reveal itself as you explore your life. Once you know that, you will understand there’s more to your existence in this world than a 9-5 job and getting paid once every fortnight or month. I believe, there’s a good heart beating inside all of us, and it just needs the right reason to beat even harder. Being purposefully engaged in something gives your life more meaning – it makes the marathon run of your career even more worthwhile. Therefore, I’d urge all of you to go into an inward journey and find out how you can create a better world. This is about beautiful sustenance. The big 42-kilometer (or 42-year) run belongs to the world, and it will give you many choices between sprinkling seeds, spraying water, or lighting up the track – take up the one you really like, and go for it. Build the world.”

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