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Concerns became reality, Samsung sued for patents sold by LG

While Samsung Electronics was recently involved in a patent infringement lawsuit in the United States related to smartphone wireless charging, it was confirmed that the patent in question was bought from LG by a European Patent Troll company earlier this year.

In the industry, it is pointed out that while LG Electronics officially announced the withdrawal of the smartphone business, concerns that the sale of LG Group’s patent portfolio could return to the domestic industrial ecosystem as a boomerang has become a reality.

According to industry sources on Wednesday, Scramoge, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung Electronics and Samsung Electronics’ US subsidiary (SEA) at the Texas Western District Court on Apr.30.

According to a complaint filed by Scramoge, the company claims that three technical patents (patent numbers ^9553476 ^9825482 ^9997962) registered and held with the US Patent Office were infringed by Samsung Electronics.

They stated, “Samsung Electronics directly infringed on patents, manufactured and distributed products to the United States, causing damage,” and claimed compensation for damages.

Scramoge picked 28 models of smartphones as subjects to Samsung Electronics’ patent infringement. Among them, the Galaxy S6 Edge launched in 2015 and the Galaxy S21 series introduced earlier this year were included. In addition, Samsung Electronics’ foldable smartphones Galaxy Z Fold and Z Fold 2 5G were also mentioned.

In particular, it was confirmed that the three patents that Scramoge sued Samsung Electronics for, were purchased from LG Innotek this year.

According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the registration number ‘9553476’ was formally registered on Jan.24, 2017 after LG Innotek applied for it to the U.S. Patent Office in Mar. 2013. After that, LG Innotek owned it for about four years, and sold to Scramoge on Feb.18.

The remaining two patents were applied by LG Innotek to the U.S. Patent Office in 2013 and 2014, respectively, and it was found that Scramoge purchased them collectively in February. Moreover, all three of these patents are related to the smartphone wireless charging. ANI

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