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Complexity of 5G Requires Automation of Network Operations

The deployment of 5G will see a massive increase in radio sites as operators densify networks to support incredible concentrations of devices and dramatic increases in throughput. At the same time, 5G will support a huge range of applications with widely varying service requirements. In this complex environment, managing network operations will only become more difficult.

According to Stephen Spellicy, vice president of products and marketing for data analysis specialist Guavus, network operations centers see around 86,400 alarms everyday with between 2% and 3% leading “to true incidents or problems. The rest are simply noise that can and should be ignored. The problem is distinguishing the noise from the signal. Standard alarm de-deuplication and management tools classify 10-20% of the alarms as critical, which is still too many to handle in one day.”

This is where artificial intelligence can make a difference. To that end, Guavus is launching its Alarm IQ product, which Spellicy said can reduce alarms by more than 90%.  The company said the analytics platform can reduce mean time to understand issues by 84%; correlate and group alarms based on root issues; re-train itself “for accurate incident prediction”; and integrate with other management products. – Rcr Wireless


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