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On current activities with each of the four Indian operators.
VIAVI enjoys a great working relationship with each of the four Indian operators. VIAVI has partnered with all of them to achieve operational efficiency through its range of fibre optic field instruments, fibre inspection testers, fibre monitoring solution, ethernet testers, RF test sets and wireless test system.

In the next two years the focus of operators here will be on OFC rollout/expansion coupled with the need of automation and digitization. Due to the pandemic outbreak, the demand of data consumption has shifted from commercial zones to residential areas thus increasing the need of high bandwidth broadband fixed lines. Other drivers will be readiness on 5G edge computing, applications around Machine Learning, AR/ VR, Artificial Intelligence making fibre optic cable integrated into the network.

On your role with leading NEMs in the country and on recent challenges with remote networking.
Service providers are struggling to maintain connectivity and manage bandwidth demands even as they strive to reduce the time that frontline technicians are spending in the field to keep their workers safe. To assist them, VIAVI provides process automation and remote troubleshooting solutions, such as virtual activation, fibre monitoring, test process automation and remote instrument access. Moreover, VIAVI supports service provider and network equipment manufacturer customers with remote configuration and deployment support where possible, as well as enabling remote access through Smart Access Anywhere on supported instruments, minimizing time in the field while optimizing networks.

During the initial days of the pandemic lockdown, dispatch of resources to fix the issues for supporting our NEM customers in the field had some headwinds; however, with the help of our remote collaboration tools, we never faced any major issue.

On your plans for fibre-testing.
Fibre is the backbone of networks today across different types of access technologies, including transport for 4G and 5G mobile networks. VIAVI offers a range of optimized solutions engineered specifically for all phases of the network lifecycle. Increasing demand for high-speed access has strained networks, necessitating tools that are faster, simpler and automated. For example, network virtualization has created the need for virtual test and activation, enabling repeatable, standards-based test methodologies on all network layers. We are delivering tools with greater automated testing and simulation capabilities. This not only enables faster time to market for the growing number of fibre deployments, but also supports the complexity of the services. Likewise, we are advancing solutions for fibre test process automation (TPA) to replace manual and error-prone processes, enabling field techs of all skill levels to address today’s complex network issues. By improving test process efficiency, solutions like, VIAVI StrataSync TPA Suite allow field technicians to easily address issues, leading to faster deployment and more effective troubleshooting.

On huge opportunities for T&M companies from 5G.
The growth of 5G and disaggregated radio access network (RAN) presents challenges with interoperability, requiring network operators to validate, verify and optimise their 5G network. Unlike traditional single vendor network, it is difficult to identify product related network performance issues in a multivendor environment. VIAVI is working closely with equipment manufacturers and service providers to help them ensure that their 5G networks work properly as rollout accelerates.

On VIAVI’s 5G strategy for India.
VIAVI is engaged with leading 5G global equipment manufacturers, software companies, engineering enterprises and chipset developers who have their development centres and test beds here and we are supporting their performance, interoperability and service verification testing. The adoption of O-RAN architecture requires more testing which is driving the revenues in India. The RF test and PTP-SyncE solutions of VIAVI are also in demand by these companies and the service providers as they build out dense 5G networks.

On the two most important differentiators of VIAVI viz-a-viz other T&M vendors.
VIAVI is a leading global network test, monitoring and assurance company with a history of innovation that spans nearly 100 years. Our two major differentiators are: test, monitoring and assurance solutions for wireline and wireless networks, from fibre to cable to mobile to optical transport to hyperscale; and for each of those, active involvement in all phases of the network lifecycle, from participation in standards bodies, to helping equipment manufacturers test products in the lab, to supporting service providers in deploying networks at scale and providing monitoring and assurance of fully operational networks. Our technology leadership and award-winning solutions guarantee that service providers and network equipment manufacturers have the right tools at the right time to help them “Command the network.”

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