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Cisco Redefines Storage Networking

With stored data serving as the brain trust of global organizations, advanced storage area networks (SANs) are vital to corporate digital business. Cisco has announced technology innovations for next-generation storage networking that will help customers to better analyze
SAN operational performance and move to cost-effective 32Gbps solutions that grow as digital business

With this announcement, Cisco delivers the MDS 9132T cost-effective 32Gbps storage fabric switch, which offers built-in telemetry for flash memory environments, built-in telemetry sensors for streaming on the MDS 9700 32G Module, integration with virtual instruments for deep fiber channel (FC) SAN performance monitoring, and storage networking support for Cisco’s data center switch, the Nexus 9300-FX.

The new MDS 9132T 32 Port 32-Gbps FC switch enables customers to cost effectively scale from 8 to 32 ports as demand grows. Its versatile semimodular design caters to entry-level, departmental and enterprise-class SANs, and enables customers to grow from 8 to 16 ports initially on the base, with further expansion to 32 ports using the 16-port expansion module. It supports flash memory environments (flash arrays for FCP workloads now and FC-NVMe in the near future), offering built-in telemetry diagnostics to proactively identify and correct conditions that affect all-flash array performance. The product offers director-level capabilities in a small, cost-effective, and expandable footprint: 32 auto-sensing line-rate 32-Gbps FC ports in a compact 1-rack-unit (1RU) form factor; the industry’s largest B2B credits per port (8270) to enable long distance 32G FC connectivity; and optimal resiliency, with field-swappable port expansion modules.

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