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Chindata Group releases 2030 carbon neutral roadmap

In December 2020, Chindata Group unveiled its roadmap to be carbon neutral for all its next-generation hyperscale data centers in China with its 100% renewable energy solution by 2030, 30 years sooner than China’s 2060 carbon neutral pledge.

With this big moonshot, Chindata Group commits to investing in clean energy with an installed capacity of no less than 2GW by 2030. Recently, the company has already signed renewable energy contracts with local governments, such as Datong and Zhangjiakou of China, totaling 1300 MW of installed capacity.

As digital transformation has accelerated, there is a growing demand for carrier-neutral hyperscale data infrastructure. That means it requires a huge energy supply in a focusing area. If the data center provider could find green solutions to this data infrastructure, it will help tech companies and their users across the world to realize carbon neutrality as soon as possible. Thus, as the first-of-its-kind company in China to launch the 2030 carbon neutrality roadmap, Chindata Group is willing to work together with partners to progress toward a sustainable future.

While catering to clients’ computing power needs, Chindata Group adopts a unique site selection strategy, putting energy as a key factor. Generally speaking, most of its hyperscale data centers are located in a region with rich wind and solar resources, making it possible to fully absorb local surplus wind and solar energy. In 2019 alone, Chindata Group has achieved a portfolio renewable energy mix of 37%.

The second solution is to use as little energy as possible. Thanks to advances in green technology in green building, IT equipment, and cooling system, in 2019, data centers of Chindata Group in service has achieved average annual PUE of 1.21, approximately 27.5% lower than the global industry an average annual PUE of 1.67 for a data center with capacity of 20 MW or more during the same period, according to Uptime Institute, an equivalent of 173,087 tons of carbon dioxide emissions reduction.

Moreover, climate change is one of the most urgent challenges facing the world today. It is more important than ever to go beyond clean energy procurement and energy efficiency improvement as usual. As a responsible corporate citizen, Chindata Group keeps testing new model to realize the perfect synergy of renewable energy and data centers by finding ways in collaboration with its partners to add new renewable energy to grids around China.

With its efforts, Chindata Group has received a number of awards by third-party organizations, including the Data Center Green Classification (Operational) AAAAA (the highest level), China National Green Data Center, Top 1 in renewable performance among China’s leading technology companies, Excellence Prize of Chinese Corporate Citizen for Low Carbon Contribution and Best Environment Case for Chinese Companies ESG Performance. PR NewsWire


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