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Celona continues global expansion with European push

Celona, a leading innovator of wireless solutions, today announced the continued global expansion of its private wireless business throughout Europe.

The company has appointed Sanjeet Pandit, an industry heavyweight formerly with Qualcomm Technologies and Ericsson, as Vice President of Global Relations with Operators and Ecosystems at Celona. In addition, the company said it has added industry veterans Paul Donovan and Graham Duthie, headquartered in the United Kingdom, to scale Celona’s European business by bringing its newly launched 5G NR LAN products and technology to the fast-growing European market. IDC forecasts the market for private wireless within the EMEA market will reach US$1.9B by 2026 at an annual compound annual growth rate of 28.8%.

Earlier this year, Celona delivered the industry’s first all-inclusive portfolio of indoor and outdoor 5G NR products for global markets. The new 5G LAN system, now commercially available, supports both public and private spectrum requirements across a wide range of international 5G NR bands from 3.3 to 4.9 GHz that include n48, n77 and n78.

“As one of the most developed and affluent regions in the world, Europe is playing a key role in the widespread rollout of 5G globally,” said Rajeev Shah, Co-Founder and CEO for Celona. “We believe this market is primed for astonishing growth as organizations realize the value that private wireless brings in supercharging business operations across a myriad of vital business use cases.”

“The market dynamics and regulatory environment for private wireless are changing fast and Celona is ideally positioned to capitalize,” said Sanjeet Pandit, VP of Global Relations with Operators and Ecosystems at Celona.

European regulatory bodies have been working to promote private wireless networks, recognizing their importance in driving innovation and economic growth. Initiatives such as the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC) and the EU 5G Action Plan encourage the development and deployment of private wireless networks across industries.

Europe differs from other regions in the way that spectrum is allocated for private network use. Several countries allocate spectrum directly to a company rather than to the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). These countries have regulatory agencies which designate a specific band, usually mid-band, to a private enterprise for use in a particular area.

“By harnessing the flexible capabilities of private 5G technology, enterprises can use applications that are tailored to their specific needs, such as camera and AI-based image analysis, robot motion control and asset tracking,” said Paul Coffey, Chief Technology Officer at Clarus Networks Group, a leading European systems integrator. “This enables operational efficiency, improves productivity, and unlocks new opportunities for growth.”

“We are experiencing a real upsurge of opportunities as more and more businesses realize the benefits of bespoke private wireless solutions to support their digital innovation ambitions. We view Celona as a game changer in this space, with its ability to deliver a private 5G system that directly integrates with existing IT infrastructure to help achieve these goals,” Coffey concluded.

“Strong demand for private 5G in Europe is being driven by the surging requirements of enterprise businesses to modernize their data, security, and digitalization to meet the growth and operational needs of their organizations,” said Paul Donovan, VP of EMEA at Celona. “Global customers are looking for a consistent, unified and compelling 5G architecture that that can be cost-effectively deployed across all their sites to address long-standing wireless connectivity issues that simply can’t be solved using conventional enterprise wireless technologies.”

Donovan noted that Celona is actively recruiting and signing partners throughout Germany, the UK, and other European countries to support explosive demand for its 5G LAN system.

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