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BSNL faces major data breach as threat actor exposes sensitive information

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), has once again found itself at the center of a massive data security breach. The BSNL data breach, orchestrated by a threat actor known as kiberphant0m, shares sensitive data about the organization, highlighting the vulnerability of sensitive information.

The claim for the BSNL data leak emerged on May 27, 2024, revealing that kiberphant0m was offering unauthorized access to databases stolen from BSNL, along with data from undisclosed Asian telecom organizations. Among the compromised data are IMSI records, SIM details, home location register (HLR) data, DP security key data, and a snapshot of the Oracle Solaris server.

Additionally, the threat actor claimed to possess login credentials for various digital infrastructures and applications of BSNL.

A Massive BSNL Data Breach Surfaces on Dark Web
The BSNL data leak poses a severe threat to the privacy and security of BSNL customers and highlights the potential risks associated with cyberattacks on telecom infrastructure. The stolen data, advertised for sale on underground forums like XSS and Telegram, could fetch significant sums on the black market, highlighting the lucrative nature of cybercrime.

The major concern for this BSNL data leak is the inclusion of sensitive customer information, which, if exploited, could lead to identity theft, financial fraud, and other malicious activities.

The urgency of the situation is further emphasized by kiberphant0m’s warning to potential buyers and Indian authorities, suggesting that the data could be sold to other parties if not addressed promptly.

“India if you want to secure your data and do not want it to be sold you must buy it first, contact me BEFORE someone purchases this data. It could be 3 hours to 24 hours, who knows”, says the hacker.

Big Threats, Yet No Response
Despite the gravity of the situation, BSNL has yet to issue an official statement or response regarding the breach, leaving the claims unverified. This lack of transparency further compounds the uncertainty surrounding the extent of the breach and the measures being taken to mitigate its impact.

Talking about the BSNL data breach, the threat actor says, “This is not the same data as the previous telecom post! we have breached over 15 Asian telecoms! Information is worth several million dollars but I’m selling for pretty cheap. Negotiate a deal on telegram. State Threat Actors are also welcome to buy this data, I will sell to anyone who wants it.”

Moreover, this incident is not the first time BSNL has faced cybersecurity challenges. In 2023, the company experienced a massive data breach affecting over 2.9 million lines, with leaked data of landline users being sold on the dark web by a hacker known as ‘Perell.’ The recurrence of such breaches highlights the rise of cyberattacks on telecom companies, especially those located in Asia. The Cyber Express

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