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Broadband market share battles heat up as money flows in

Market share, not households new to broadband, is the focus of “intense competition” between four types of service providers, according to Kagan, the media research unit of S&P Global Market Intelligence. Here is how Kagan positions the four types of providers:

  • Cable: HFC networks continue to dominate residential broadband and have aggressive buildout plans. Kagan estimates the segment is positioned to limit market share loss amid intensifying competition and control with 61.9 percent share through 2026.
  • Telecom: The impact of fiber upgrades is limited by legacy copper. Kagan predicts the segment can reverse declines but its market share will slip below 25 percent by 2026.
  • Wireless: Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile are ramping up fixed wireless access (FWA) networks and targeting both rural and non-rural areas. Kagan expects wireless-only homes will grow from 8 to 12.6 percent of broadband subscribers by 2026.
  • Satellite: The next generation of satellite broadband offers optimism, but the unfavorable cost and speed comparisons limit growth expectations. It’s a niche service for the residential sector. Kagan expects it to hold 1 percent share through 2026.

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