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Broadband internet can help 4G networks

Because of the increasing number of 4G users in India and insufficient network capacity, the experience of 4G internet isn’t great for many around the country. The problem becomes more evident during the peak hours when many users flock to use the unlimited data they get from their respective telecom operators. While Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, and Vodafone Idea (Vi) all are investing heavily in increasing the coverage and network capacity, the 4G performance won’t become great overnight. But there’s one thing that can help these telecom operators – broadband internet. Fiber broadband connection at every home can change how Indians perceive 4G.

Fiber broadband can reduce load of 4G networks
Fiber broadband internet can help the telecom operators significantly. 4G networks won’t be overloaded if users are leveraging fiber broadband whenever they are inside their homes. With broadband connections, users get stable internet speeds, can browse all day with unlimited data, and also get their work done.

The issue is, whenever a large number of people are using data in the same area and are consuming services from the same operator’s mobile network, it can lead to congestion. This degrades the network experience for the users. Even after paying considerate amounts of money for prepaid/postpaid plans, you can’t use the internet properly because of bad download speed.

This is why the telecom service providers must ensure that they are availing their users with at least one great entry-level broadband plan. This will mean that users will only have to use mobile data whenever they are outside their homes.

Further, if the need for mobile data is less, operators can offer the same amount of data for more money or less amount of data for the same money they are charging right now. This is because most of the users won’t care about the expensive data since they are getting unlimited data from their broadband connection. It will help the operators with increasing their average revenue per user (ARPU) figure.

Users will only have to use their mobile data whenever they are stepping outside their homes. The expansion and larger adoption of fiber broadband in rural as well as urban areas of the country will ensure that 4G networks are never overloaded. Fiber broadband has even gained popularity during the pandemic and the continuous lockdowns.

Most of the users working from their homes in urban cities or even tier-3 cities are relying on their fiber broadband connection for getting their work done. They are further leveraging the broadband connection for their entertainment needs without any worry since they get unlimited data. TelecomTalk

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