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5G and the High Demand for Engineers

When we talk about technology, we talk about opportunities. and such has been the talk since the
arrival of 5G in India. The latest news tells us that major telecom companies such as Jio and Airtel are
on the path of aggressive hiring, which has opened up a lot of opportunities for engineers.
Telecom companies are looking for a fast path to capture the majority of the market. As 5G has great
potential for the growth of telecom companies, they understand that now is the correct time to
invest in this technology and gain huge returns.

There Will Be No 5G Services Near Airports

Airports will not have 5G services in the near future to avoid any kind of disruption to air travel. This
latest 5G news tells us that the government of India is well aware of the precautions to be taken
while delivering newer technologies. As telecom companies identify newer methods to quickly grab
hold of the market, it is a good step by the government to at least safeguard some important places.
Telecom companies are also agreeing with the step taken by the government, as they also
understand the objective behind this.

Airtel will offer a WFH option to their female engineers.

Airtel is taking some major steps towards women’s empowerment as they expand their 5G services
in different cities. Earlier, they decided to hire more women engineers, which was very much
appreciated by the people of India. But now the latest news suggests that they are offering a WFH
option to their women engineers. It will allow them to work remotely from their homes, which will
not only provide them comfort but also be a major step towards women’s security.

India and the Growing Trend of 5G

5G has not only brought excitement among youth; its craze has gone to such an extent that people
in India are purchasing new mobile phones just to use 5G services. And now it is being predicted
that, towards the end of the year, we will have more than 30 million users who will be using this
exciting technology. Telecom companies are working around the clock to implement new marketing
strategies in order to gain a large user base.

The Railway Minister Announces the First Train That Will Offer 5G Services

The railway minister announced that the semi-high-speed Vande Bharat Express will be the first train
that will offer 5G services to its passengers. In this technological era, it is the most exciting news for
the youth of India. Now passengers can enjoy high-speed data services, which will somewhat
make their journey more fun and more relaxed. The government is in full support of this new
technology, as they are also helping telecom companies expand more quickly. They understand
how it will boost the Indian economy and help the development of the country both socially
and economically

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