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5G News In India

Airtel Will Expand Its 5G Services

Airtel launched its 5G services in the month of October. Since then, Bharti Airtel has been
looking to expand its services, knowing the potential it has for the company’s growth. Now,
according to some major sources, Airtel has decided to expand its 5G services and will now
cover more than 12 cities. Airtel is struggling to compete with Jio and is looking for some
solid ideas to secure the market. Every telecom company is aware of the popularity of 5G
services in India and is thus looking to solidify its presence and achieve the desired

initially, only some major cities were receiving 5G services, like Delhi, Chennai, Guwahati,
Panipat, and Gurugram, but now services will be accessible in other small cities, including

Airtel Will Be Hiring More Women Engineers

Bharti Airtel, which is India’s second-largest telecom operator, is increasing its workforce in
order to seek quick growth. But the major catch is that they are upskilling the workforce by
hiring more women engineers, which is not only a step towards women’s empowerment but
also a great initiative in their expansion phase. 5G has opened a lot of opportunities in the
job sector, but Airtel is only one of the very few companies taking this approach. According
to some reports, Airtel’s Chief People Officer, Amrita Padda, said that the company is
working in the direction of women’s empowerment and thus hiring more women engineers.
The telco is providing women engineers with the flexibility of remote working and the
required support, such as helping them set up their workspace at home. This is Airtel’s effort
to diversify its employee base. According to a report, Airtel will be increasing its workforce
by 25% by the end of this financial year, of which women engineers will make up a major
proportion. This news can be a game changer for Bharti Airtel because it can provide them
with the required attention and hence could be a major factor in their growth. They have
already captured a good amount of the consumer base of the 5G market in India and are
already competing with top telecom sectors.

5G to Constitute Over 50% Off Mobile Subscriptions

According to some major reports, given the rate at which 5G services are expanding in India,
it is only a matter of time before the majority of the population has access to them in the
coming years. It is said that 5G will account for about 50% of mobile subscriptions by the
year 2030. The impact that 5G has created is tremendous, whether in terms of growth or
services. People are finding ways to have quick access to this exciting technology. It has now
been demonstrated that 5G networks are five times faster than previous 4G networks.
Telecom companies are well aware of the potential and the benefits, and they are thus
consistently finding effective ways to expand it to the potential cities. The challenges faced
by telecom companies are completely worth encountering, looking at the growth aspect
of the technology.

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