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Blamed for virus spread, over 20 5G towers damaged in 3 weeks

Over 20 telecom towers have been damaged Punjab in the past three weeks after misleading messages, videos and recorded audios, linking Covid to telecom network and 5G network testing, have gone viral on the social media.

It is creating connectivity problem for consumers, while telecom infrastructure providers (IP-1) are facing issues in operation and maintenance of existing towers and installation of new ones due to the increasing resistance.

TR Dua, Director-General, Tower and Infrastructure Providers Association, said: “Such incidents, if not controlled, may significantly affect the telecom connectivity and deprive people of uninterrupted services amid pandemic when telecom and internet connectivity is essential to enable work from home, virtual meetings, e-commerce, e-education, e-health and various other initiatives of the government, including vaccination, which requires technology and connectivity support.”

To counter these fake and misleading messages, the Department of Telecommunications has already clarified that there is no link between 5G technology and the spread of Covid and urged people not to be misguided by rumours.

“Moreover, testing of 5G network has not yet started anywhere in the country. So, the claim that 5G trials or networks are leading to the spread of virus is baseless,” the Department of Telecommunications said.

The association has also written to Chief Secretary Vini Mahajan in this regard.

Dr Bishav Mohan, senior cardiologist, DMCH, said: “Whosoever is spreading this false information should be put behind bars. Covid spread is not linked to mobile towers or 5G trials. Instead of falling prey to such fake messages, people should focus on taking precautions and getting vaccinated.” The Tribune India

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