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Bell and Snap Inc partner to bring 5G-powered AR experience

Bell and Snap Inc. announced they have joined forces to bring together the best of 5G technology and AR to create a unique immersive experience for Toronto Raptors fans. Together, Bell and Snap are unleashing the next generation of live entertainment experiences and are introducing the first ever 5G multi-user AR basketball experience on Snapchat.

Fans in Scotiabank Arena with a 5G device will be able to join a shared AR experience for the first time, where they can team up and compete against each other, shooting hoops like the pros in real time. The Bell 5G Shot Clock Challenge on Snapchat leverages the unprecedented speed, latency and bandwidth capabilities of 5G enabling several thousand players to connect at once.

Join the Bell 5G Toronto Raptors Lens experience on Snapchat
The Bell 5G Toronto Raptors AR Lens will be available for a limited time during four upcoming Toronto Raptors Welcome Toronto games at Scotiabank Arena.

Snapchatters in attendance will access an exclusive Snapchat gamified ‘pop-a-shot’ style Connected Lens experience leveraging Snapchat’s AR technology. Participants will choose a team to play for in real time, shooting baskets simultaneously to contribute to a collective score. The team with the highest score wins.

Welcome Toronto games amplify diverse voices and talents within the city, highlighting a different selected creator each game. Tonight (January 6), creators and fans alike can experience the Lens for the first time while watching the Toronto Raptors take on the New York Knicks. Games to follow include: January 21 against the Boston Celtics, February 10 against the Utah Jazz, and March 18 against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

5G users attending the game can participate in this experience by opening the Bell 5G Shot Clock AR Lens in Snapchat or scanning the Snapcode presented on the Jumbotron. Those without a 5G device can still take part in the fun with a single player version of the Lens on a 4G or LTE network.

Today’s announcement is the latest innovation leveraging Bell 5G technology and follows the launch of TSN 5G View / Vision 5G RDS, another unique immersive experience Raptors fans can enjoy. Bell continuously works with partners like Snap, leveraging the superior capabilities of Bell 5G to deliver a broad range of enhanced digital experiences.

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