Beijing’s 5G Base Stations Reach 4300

Beijing has installed 4,300 base stations for the city’s 5G mobile network as of the end of May, the Beijing Communications Administration (BCA) announced Monday.

The majority of these base stations are built in the core urban areas of Beijing, the parks of the 2022 Olympic Winter Games, the park of Expo 2019 Beijing, Beijing Daxing International Airport, and other high-usage sites.

Construction of the Chinese capital’s 5G base stations began in 2019, with plans to extend the 5G pilot commercial network to the city’s subsidiary administrative area in Tongzhou district, Beijing Daxing International Airport, the park of Expo 2019 Beijing, the 2022 Olympic Winter Games test tournament venues, Tiananmen Square, and Chang’an Street.

According to the plan, by 2021, the city’s 5G network will cover the key functional areas, the Beijing sub-center (Tongzhou), Huairou Science Park, Future Science Park, Zhongguancun and the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area, and the Olympic Center Area.

According to BCA, under the leadership of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Beijing Municipal Government, the Beijing information and communication industry has conscientiously implemented the “Work Plan for Accelerating the Construction of 5G Infrastructure” issued by the Beijing Municipal Government Office in late April. The BCA has also worked out multiple measures to facilitate the construction of the 5G infrastructure.

Since the release of the “Work Plan”, BCA has conducted a special study on how to implement it, and determined the focus of work and a detailed plan to advance the work.

Together with the Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources, BCA has made a detailed plan on the construction of 5G infrastructure. Working with Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Management, BCA has selected different types of lamp poles in different localities, trying to turn them into 5G base stations. In conjunction with the Beijing Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, BCA has filed its environment impact assessments of the 5G base stations.

In addition, BCA has held meetings and organized activities to promote 5G, doing the best to create a benign working environment, the organization said.

Beijing has sped up its 5G base station rollout through efforts from multiple sides. By the end of May, 4,983 5G base stations have been handed out to the three telecom giants by China Tower in Beijing.

As specified in the “Work Plan,” Beijing is conducting an audit of its base stations and towers and then decide the locations in order to connect and share resources and build a pilot 5G network.―

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