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Atlassian plans to set up data centers in India

Atlassian, a Sydney-headquartered software company, plans to invest in setting up data centers in India in H1 2024. The company bets on India’s growing economy and talent landscape to drive growth, according to Scott Farquhar, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Atlassian.

The investment to establish data centers is in order to adhere to the data residency requirements of companies. Atlassian will work with Amazon to bring its products to the data centers in India.

“Even as we utilise Amazon’s data centers and hardware, we will be setting up all the systems and processes in order to ensure that data stays in the right location. This investment reflects our belief in the growth of the Indian market,” Farquhar told businessline.

Growing market
Underscoring India’s growth, Farquhar said, “India is a small but growing market for Atlassian. Almost every tech company in India is a customer. We hope the market continues to grow as India builds more technology at home.”

He also noted that even as the downturn persists globally, India has been relatively resilient, and continues to be a growth market. The company remains bullish on India and aims to continue to build a technology market and sees the potential for India to be a technology powerhouse.

Atlassian started in India in 2018 with 60 employees in its R&D center in Bengaluru. Currently, it has 1,700 employees, making India its fastest-growing employee location. The employee base in India is involved in research and development (R&D), and building products for the global market. It also has support functions in the region, according to Farquhar.

The company is also bullish on leveraging AI, it recently partnered with OpenAI, when it launched Atlassian Intelligence, by combining existing, internal AI models with OpenAI’s generative AI. “AI by itself is useful, but the real power comes from putting large language models together with unique data sets. With this we can do unique and interesting things for our customers as we help them track work, share knowledge, organise work at scale and track IT systems,” Farquhar said. The Hindu BusinessLine

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