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Ashwini Vaishnaw at Davos 2024

Ashwini Vaishnaw, Minister for Communications, Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India at the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual meeting at Davos when queried at the roundtable discussion on India’s stand amid the US-China chip wars responded that this is not a battle since there is enough for everyone and how the semiconductor industry will evolve in several ways.

Vaishnaw said that the world has developed a certain trust in New Delhi because of how the country has conducted itself, in terms of economic and foreign policies, on the international stage.

“If you look at how India has conducted its foreign policy, its economic policy, the way it has conducted itself, the entire world has developed a very big amount of trust on India. That trust is what is our biggest capital. That trust kind of gels the entire world into a very harmonious way and that is what is bringing us,” said Vaishnaw.

He also said that India has signed agreements with several countries including the US, Japan and some countries in Europe on semiconductors, and is also working with the South Korean government and companies.

“The semiconductor industry is dynamic and ever-changing. It is not easy to predict what changes will happen in the next 10 years. It’s something which is too complex and too dynamic and too uncertain for anyone to bet that this is how the sector will be.

Our biggest priority is on design and it is also the country’s strength given that we have around 300,000 design engineers who practically design every complex chip manufactured across the world and asserted that India is the right place to develop the semiconductor industry,,” he added.

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