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Apple offering financial support to India retailers during coronavirus pandemic

Apple retailers in India continue to struggle with low sales as consumer electronics are proving to be an extremely volatile market in the wake of COVID-19. which has resulted in Apple intervening to offset the financial burden. The company has now paid support to about 500 exclusive stores in India, covering two months of rent and the salaries of store staff.

Apple has also offered many of its Indian retailers net 60 terms, versus net 30 when ordering Apple hardware for resale.

According to an email sent to retailers, Apple has encouraged retailers to “Explore and improve alternative channels to distribute Apple Products, including online, according to the India Times.

Apple’s attempt at mitigating damage from COVID-19 is well documented. Before the virus forced the shutdown of Apple retail stores across the U.S., Apple offered hourly workers and retail employees unlimited sick leave if they began to exhibit symptoms of the virus.

Apple’s efforts have extended beyond their own employees and stores, too. Apple donated more than 10 million N95 masks to health care professionals on the frontline of the coronavirus outbreak.

Apple also partnered with Laurene Powell Jobs’ Emerson Collective to donate $12 million dollars to America’s Food Fund. The fund was established to help provide food to individuals who were unable to access reliable food services during the coronavirus pandemic.

―Apple Insider

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