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Anritsu introduces Field Master Pro MS2090A

Anritsu Company has revolutionized the wireless field test solution market with the introduction of the Field Master Pro MS2090A RF handheld spectrum analyzer. With the highest continuous frequency coverage up to 54 GHz, real-time spectrum analysis bandwidth up to 100 MHz, and a ruggedized design to withstand the demands of field tests, the Field Master Pro MS2090A is ideal for a range of current and emerging field applications, including 5G, broadcast, regulatory compliance, aerospace/defense, satellite systems, and radar.

Seven models are available with frequency coverage of 9 kHz to 9, 14, 20, 26.5, 32, 44, and 54 GHz. The family features Displayed Average Noise Level (DANL) of <–160 dBm and Third Order Intercept (TOI) of typically +20 dBm, for accurate spectrum clearing, radio alignment, and harmonic and distortion measurements. The 100 MHz modulation bandwidth, along with best-in-class phase noise of typically –110 dBc/Hz @ 100 kHz offset, permits highly accurate modulation measurements on digital systems to be made. A ±0.5 dB (typical) amplitude accuracy ensures highly confident measurements of transmitter power and spurious.

Cellular networks. A test tool for the rollout of 5G New Radio (5G NR), the Field Master Pro MS2090A supports 5G NR demodulation, including cell ID, beam ID, RSRP/RSRQ, SINR, and EVM in all 5G bands (sub-6 GHz [3.5 GHz] and millimeter-wave [28 GHz and 39 GHz]). It can also be used to conduct compliance testing, including EIRP, spectral emission mask, and time offset, as well as harmonic and spurious testing.

Interference hunting and coverage mapping. The Field Master Pro MS2090A’s 100 MHz bandwidth allows for real-time spectrum analysis, while its low noise floor complemented by a spectrogram display makes it easy for field technicians and engineers to conduct RF spectrum monitoring and locate intermittent or interfering signals. The high performance of the Field Master Pro MS2090A makes it well suited for general spectrum analysis applications. Integrated channel power and occupied bandwidth (OBW) measurements simplify the characterization of common radio transmissions. A built-in adjacent channel power measurement simplifies the measurement of out-of-band transmitter emissions as required to speed conformance testing.

Built for simplicity, field use. Anritsu leverages its field instrument leadership to design a durable housing that is ready for the rigors of testing outside the lab. A touchscreen simplifies operations. Users can swipe and scan across the frequency range or pinch and zoom to quickly view signals of interest.

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