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Airtel enforces transparency, honesty to build brand loyalty, customers satisfaction

A Deloitte survey, titled “Close the Trust Gap to Unlock Business Value,” revealed that 68% of respondents spent more money on a brand they trust compared to a brand they use but do not trust as much. They also spent 25% more money on brands they considered trustworthy and revealed that they did not mind sharing valuable data with brands they trust.

Transparency is critical for winning customer trust. Customers want brands to be honest and communicate with them in a simple language. Brands that accept their mistakes and take measures to resolve customer grievances are more likely to retain their customers.

Airtel’s transparent approach sets it apart
Most brands have carefully thought out strategies on how to build a tribe of loyalists. For brands such as Airtel, transparency and honesty are held in extremely high regard. It is why the telecom giant has reinforced its commitment to these values time and again.

Customer service has been paramount since the company’s inception, but more so in today’s day and age. Airtel has been in tune with changing times and has ensured that its customers’ needs remain a top priority. The brand has taken conscious steps to improve its overall customer experience through an integrated and end-to-end digital experience. It has managed to deliver a range of cost-effective, on-time, data-secured and customized services to customers by constantly innovating.

Notifications in case of an outage
Outages are unforeseen and unpredictable and can occur even if you have access to the best-in-class technology. However, when people are working from home, network interruptions could impact daily life and business. To help prevent this, Airtel notifies its customers in case of planned outages in advance. In the event of unplanned outages, the telco also shares resolution messages. This approach gives customers adequate time to schedule their work and plan their days better.

By adopting an action-oriented approach, Airtel ensures that its customers are informed, making it easier for them to deal with network disruptions.

Pause billing feature: A revolutionary step during Covid-19
The Covid-19 pandemic has been nothing short of a ‘black swan event,’ impacting the world in unimaginable ways. During the first wave of the pandemic, thousands of Indians across the country faced a severe financial crunch and struggled to make ends meet. Many chose to leave the cities they were working in and return to their hometowns. However, this caused another concern – paying bills for utility services they would not be using.

At the time, Airtel received several customer requests, asking the telco to pause the generation of broadband bills as customers would not be using the service, at least for a short while. The brand listened and implemented a pause billing feature during peak Covid-19. The feature offered Airtel Xstream Fiber users the option to temporarily pause billing on their internet connection when it was not in use while retaining the connection.

Airtel also credited ₹ 10 worth of talk time to its prepaid customers’ accounts. This enabled users to make calls and send messages, allowing them to stay connected to their loved ones.

Serving customers via social media
Social media is an integral part of our lives, and brands are aware of the potential this channel has when it comes to interacting with customers and providing solutions to their problems. Airtel’s dedicated Twitter handle @Airtel_Presence does exactly that by addressing complaints and grievances raised by customers. The brand aims to offer quick solutions and, if required, even deploy technicians and specialists to fix problems.

These are just a few instances of how Airtel has been making a consistent effort to resolve customer grievances and improve its services through various touchpoints. This reflects the brand’s commitment to prioritizing its customers’ needs and providing them with the best possible offerings! Hindustan Times

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