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Airtel Builds High-Speed Network For E-Governance In UP: Can This Trigger A Digital Revolution?

The Internet can change lives, and set the foundation for a new dawn, empowering citizens and unleashing a new era of progress and development.

Airtel, India’s leading telecommunication provider clearly understands the power which high-speed Internet has, and how it can unleash a change which everyone desires. Especially in a state like Uttar Pradesh, which is lagging behind in the development race due to lack of high-speed Internet connectivity and infrastructure for pushing e-Governance.

This will change now, as Airtel has built a massive State Wide Area Network or SWAN for Uttar Pradesh, which will enable full-scale implementation of Digital India objectives across every district, city and village.

This deployment of high-speed Internet for connecting Govt. offices across the state can trigger unprecedented access to e-Governance initiatives, seldom experienced before.

Welcome to the new Uttar Pradesh, courtesy Airtel.

Airtel’s UPSWAN 2.0 Is Now Live & Happening

State Wide Area Network or SWAN is an initiative under  National e-Governance Plan by Govt of India, wherein every State Headquarters, District Headquarters, Blocks Headquarters need to be connected via Closed User Group (CUG) network for delivering high-speed internet connectivity for delivering e-Governance services.

UPSWAN 2.0, which has been hailed as one of the largest such projects in India, has now been successfully deployed by Airtel in the state of UP, which is future-ready for further expansions.

Ajay Chitkara, Director & CEO-Airtel Business said: “We are delighted to be able to contribute to the Digital India vision and partner with the Government of Uttar Pradesh in their digital transformation agenda. UPSWAN, which compares with the best in class networks, will be digital backbone for the state and help in building a truly connected Uttar Pradesh. On behalf of Airtel, I would like to thank the State administration for giving us this opportunity.”

What Are The Major Features Of UPSWAN 2.0?

Under UPSWAN 2.0 project, Airtel has deployed 885 Points of Presence (PoPs) across the state, wherein every State Headquarters, District Headquarters, Block Headquarters & Tehsil Headquarters has been connected to the high-speed digital highway.

This will enable seamless delivery of not only Government to Government services but also, more importantly, Government to Citizen services.

While all State Headquarters will be connected via 10 Gbps Internet speed, all District, Block and Tehsil Headquarters has been connected via 10 Mbps speed. Besides, a dedicated Network Operations Centre has been set-up in Lucknow, the state capital for monitoring the services.

Alok  Sinha, Additional Chief Secretary (Commercial Tax, IT & Electronics) said: “Under the leadership of our Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi ji India is undergoing a digital transformation and empowering its citizens through e-Governance. Uttar Pradesh, which is India’s largest state, is making rapid strides towards becoming fully digitally enabled and ensuring that government services reach every corner of the state over a digital backbone. We are pleased to partner with Bharti Airtel in this journey and congratulate them on building this key network infrastructure.”

In order to make it happen, Airtel has provided end to end IT solution, including MPLS, Internet Bandwidth, Network Hardware Equipment, Security Firewalls, System Integration, and Managed Services.

How Will UPSWAN 2.0 Help E-Governance?

e-Governance is all about empowering citizens with Govt. services which they deserve, and which they need. However, in order to access e-Governance services, they need Internet connectivity, and often, they are not able to because of the lack of digital infrastructure.

As seen and heard, most of the times Govt. offices lack proper Internet connectivity, and this stops proper execution of Govt. projects.

But with UPSWAN 2.0 deployed by Airtel, this will change in the state.

Citizens across deep rural pockets of the state will now be able to access e-Governance services, thanks to the high-speed digital backbone deployed by Airtel. Using the Internet, rural citizens can now file for pension, register for employment, issue birth/death certificates, apply or renew ration cards and more.

Besides, this same network can be utilized by the Govt. to execute smart city projects as well.

In short, Airtel’s UPSWAN 2.0 has the power to change the lives of UP citizens, and this is happening right now.―Trak

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