Airtel Adds LTE 900 Mhz 4G Band Spectrum To Assam And North East Indian States

Bharti Airtel has constantly been expanding its reach to widen the userbase of its platform. The company has now expanded its 4G network coverage in Assam and states of the North East India with LTE 900 technology. Airtel is using the 900 Mhz 4G band in hopes to enhance the indoor network coverage in those areas and states and it also wishes to enhance the network experience of the smartphone users.

With the roll out of 4G in the 900 Mhz spectrum band, Airtel will be getting the additional high-speed data capacity with which it can serve its customers. Airtel also mentions that since the 900 Mhz 4G band has a high propagation and has a high reach, it would allow the customers of Airtel in Assam and North East states to enjoy an improved 4G availability. The 900 Mhz 4G band which Airtel will be using in these states will reach inside buildings, homes, offices as well as malls. Other than that, Airtel 4G will be accessible and available to a wider area across the entire region due to the user of the 900 Mhz 4G band.

Raveendra Desai, Assam and North East, Bharti Airtel said, “Our endeavour is to deliver quality network experience to our customers. The deployment of LTE 900 will further boost Airtel 4G coverage, particularly inside homes and buildings. Airtel smartphone customers will enjoy a seamless high speed data and HD quality calling experience on our upgraded network.  We will continue to invest in deployment of latest network technologies to delight our customers.”

It should be noted that, Bharti Airtel uses a spectrum bank of 2,300 Mhz (TD LTE), 1,800 Mhz (FD LTE) and now the 900 Mhz (LTE 900) in Assam and the North Eastern states. All these spectrum banks used by Airtel helps the telecom operator to offer 4G VoLTE services to its customers. In addition to this, Airtel has deployed network technologies and tools such as the 4G Advanced and Carrier Aggregation to boost up the high-speed network capacity and coverage.

This new development from Airtel about expanding its coverage in Assam and North Eastern states using the LTE 900 Mhz 4G band comes after its announcement where it said that it will be expanding its network in Assam and North East Indian states. For that it will be rolling out 2,720 new base stations and 3,100 Km of optic fiber under the network transformation program. Although we didn’t hear anything about the installation of optic fiber or new base stations in those states but installing a new band spectrum could be the start.―Gadget Bridge

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