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85% of professionals plan to upskill in FY25, favoring data science, AI, and ML

A recent study exploring learning trends across major sectors identified key factors influencing upskilling preferences. The study revealed that 85 per cent of professionals, are planning to upskill in FY25. According to the Upskilling Trends Report 2024-25, published by Great Learning, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, are the most sought-after courses, for professional development.

Notably, 85 per cent of professionals in India, are planning to invest in upskilling in FY25. The intent to upskill among freshers, has grown by 8 per cent, standing at 83 per cent this year, as compared to 75 per cent, in FY24. Among key sectors, the intent to upskill in FY25, was highest among professionals from Manufacturing, Engineering, Capital Goods, and BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance).

Bangalore, and Chennai, have displayed the highest intent, to upskill this year, compared to other metros in India, with 87 per cent of professionals, planning to invest in upskilling in FY25, in both these cities.

What factors are driving upskilling amongst individuals
9 per cent of the professionals surveyed, are motivated to upskill for career growth, within their current organisation, followed by 17 per cent, driven by personal interest. Fear of skills becoming outdated, motivates 15 per cent of the professionals, while 13 per cent, cite, meeting employer expectations, as their primary motivation for upskilling.

“Since last year, challenging economic conditions, and an unstable geopolitical situation, have made it difficult for many businesses to access capital, and expand profitably. To stay competitive in this dynamic environment, continuous learning, and upskilling, are crucial to adapt, and evolve. It is encouraging to see professionals adopting a proactive approach to navigate this disruption”, says Hari Krishnan Nair, Co-Founder, Great Learning.

In terms of the hurdles to pursuing an upskilling program, professionals say that being busy with office work, is the most significant hurdle, with 34 per cent of them, citing the same, while 19 per cent of the professionals, cite, financial constraints as a barrier. Additionally, 14 per cent, cite, family, and other social commitments, as a reason why they can’t take out time for upskilling.

The report was based on a comprehensive study conducted by Great Learning, in collaboration, with a research agency, involving over 1,000 professionals. The Hindu BusinessLine

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