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6G services will achieve initial commercialization from 2028 to 2030

As per the Global Sixth Generation Wireless Market Research Report 2023, 6G communication services will achieve initial commercialization from 2028 to 2030.

The report assesses 6G market commercialization including opportunities for infrastructure development and equipment deployment as well as a realization of applications and services.

The report also analyzes 6G market use cases by industry vertical. The report provides 6G market sizing for 2023 through 2030, with the lower end of the range focused primarily on technology development, and the latter end of the range focused on 6G market commercialization.

6G Wireless Technologies

Expanding upon the trend started with technologies supporting 5G capabilities, 6G will be integrated with a set of previously disparate technologies. Several key technologies will converge with 6G including AI, big data analytics, and next generation computing.

6G networks will extend the performance of existing 5G capabilities along with expanding the scope to support increasingly new and innovative applications across the realms of communications, sensing, wireless cognition, and imaging.

Terahertz Radio Propagation for 6G Communications

There will be many new technologies and solutions approaches to enable terahertz-level radio. For example, ultra-fast radio chips will be required to achieve frequencies up to 20THz for next generation 6G communications. The metastructures are etched and patterned at sub-wavelength distances onto a semiconductor made of gallium nitride and indium gallium nitride. These allow electrical fields inside devices to be controlled.

Select Report Findings:

6G communication services will achieve initial commercialization from 2028 to 2030

  • Pre-commercial 6G infrastructure and testbeds market will reach nearly $5 billion by 2030
  • The Asia Pacific region will lead 6G core and RF investment, followed by the US and Europe
  • 6G technologies are best characterized as ultra-secure, ultra-fast, ultra-reliable, and ultra-short-range oriented capabilities
  • Network optimization beyond 5G will rely upon smart surfaces with solutions for 6G networks and devices reaching $16 billion by 2035.

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