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6G Flagship and Bharat 6G Alliance sign a MOU to advance global 6G development

The 6G Flagship programme, led by the University of Oulu in Finland and the Bharat 6G Alliance in India, have announced a landmark Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to foster collaborative research and development efforts on 6G wireless technologies. This strategic partnership marks a significant step towards aligning Finland’s and India’s 6G ambitions to accelerate the development of a resilient, secure, and globally interoperable 6G ecosystem.

Aligning 6G Priorities and Driving Innovation
The MoU outlines a comprehensive framework for collaboration, focusing on the following key areas:

Alignment of research and development priorities
The two organisations will work together to create a shared vision and roadmap for 6G, ensuring that their respective R&D efforts are complementary and synergistic.

Secure and trusted telecommunications
A crucial aspect of the partnership will be the joint development of technologies and standards that enhance the security, resilience, and trustworthiness of 6G networks, supporting the development of a reliable and inclusive global telecommunications infrastructure.

Resilient supply chains
The collaboration will also explore opportunities to strengthen the supply chains for 6G-related components and equipment, promoting sustainability, diversity, and self-reliance in the production of next-generation wireless technologies.

Enabling global digital inclusion
By combining their expertise and resources, the 6G Flagship and Bharat 6G Alliance aim to develop innovative 6G solutions that can bridge the digital divide and empower communities around the world with advanced connectivity services.

Statements from Organisational Leaders
“This collaboration with the Bharat 6G Alliance is a strategic move to advance our research and development efforts and achieve our shared goals of driving societal digitisation through cutting-edge 6G technology. By aligning our priorities and pooling our resources, we can unlock new possibilities and accelerate the delivery of transformative 6G capabilities on a global scale” stated Professor Matti Latva- aho, Director of the 6G Flagship programme.

“Partnering with the 6G Flagship programme allows us to leverage our collective strengths in 6G research, development, and innovation. This MoU is an important step towards achieving India’s vision of empowering society through sustainable and advanced telecommunications while contributing to the global 6G ecosystem. Bharat 6G Alliance has already signed MoUs with NextG Alliance of USA, 6G SNS IA of European Union; and this MoU with 6G Flagship of Oulu University will further enhance these global collaborations for the development of 6G secure and trusted telecommunication technology including resilient supply chains” said Mr. N. G. Subramaniam, Chairman Bharat 6G Alliance.

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