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5G Perspective

5G will transform business and customer experiences in India

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a massive shift in our lives. As we stand amidst a crisis today, all efforts are being made to socio-economically deal with it in the best possible manner. Millions of Indians are adapting to a new way of life by balancing work from home, virtual meetings and online learning, while relying on digital media, OTT and ecommerce platforms to fulfill their entertainment and sho­pping requirements. As a result, the pandemic has accelerated the rate of digital adoption in India and there is a rapidly growing need for faster and seamless network data connectivity, which is why 5G technology will be one of the biggest game-changers going forward.

5G will empower consumers
5G-readiness is one of the top three premium smartphone purchase fac­tors for consumers in India. With ultra-fast speed, high bandwidth and low latency, 5G networks will be capable of handling the growing demands of fast internet access on multiple devices at once. 5G will unleash a new era of creativity and incredible smartphone experiences with high performance, faster download speeds, greater reliability. Faster responsiveness and high-resolution lag-free video streaming will enable hyper immersive AR and cloud gaming to be at the forefront of 5G-led innovations.

5G led growth in IoT will enable connected devices to become smarter
5G coupled with new-age technologies like IoT, AI, Cloud Computing etc. has the potential to spur innovation and trans­form a wide gamut of industries such as smart manufacturing, smart cities, automated vehicles, healthcare, agriculture, energy & utilities, waste management, media & entertainment, etc. With 10 times speed, 5G will enable a broad ecosystem of connected smart devices to communicate and share data faster than ever and become an integral part of our economy and daily lifestyle. 5G will not only realize the potential of smart home devices but will also sufficiently improve the daily lives of Indian consumers with new-age automation and energy efficient devices.

Businesses will leverage 5G technology
More than the average consumer, it is the business which can truly tap the power of 5G and IoT to transform the customer experiences. 5G will have the potential to transform not only the service landscape but its ultra-reliability and low latency will enable businesses leverage new-age technologies. High-performance computing facilities, supported by an ultra-fast 5G communi­cations network will help enterprises improve process efficiency, reduce time to market and enhance customer service. 5G led enterprise adoption of real time data, AR/VR technology, 3D holographic displays, use of wireless headsets and glasses and ultra-rich visual experien­ces, will help businesses design hyper-personalized and immersive consumer experiences.

MediaTek is leading the 5G push in India with its innovative technology
With its vast portfolio of MediaTek Dimensity 5G chipsets, MediaTek is leading the way to­wards democratizing 5G technology for Indian consumers. MediaTek powers nearly 2 billion connected devices every year.

The future is 5G and companies are ensuring that they are well-positioned to tap the emerging opportunities in the 5G market in India with 5G soon becoming a reality in India. Connected Society & Homes is not about future, this transformation is urgent. MediaTek’s tagline Incredible In, Incredible Out describes our focus towards envisioning a future that is connected and full of incredible experiences.

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