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5G Will Drive Digital Transformation For Industries

Hannover Messe is the largest, most important industrial exhibition there is. Companies from the automotive, energy logistics, manufacturing, and many other high-value sectors gather to discuss overarching trends and showcase the latest advancements.

So what’s RCR Wireless doing here? Well, the same thing telecom and technology companies like Dell, Ericsson, HPE, Intel, Nokia and Qualcomm are–directly engaging with industrialists to learn how they see 5G supporting their digitization efforts going forward.

5G is boiled down to three primary use cases: enhanced mobile broadband, massive machine-type communication and ultra reliable low latency communication. Right now the focus is on that first one–eMBB, as a consumer-facing service all about faster data rates delivered to handsets and hot spots. But that’ll quickly lead into the other two–mMTC and URLLC.

As 3GPP hones Release 16 and further details the 5G New Radio standard, compatible equipment will open up a whole new world of precision and efficiency that will prove a huge differentiator for industries that embrace cellular connectivity.

Consider a factory. People work hand-in-glove with heavy equipment that’s wired. When you take away those wires, assembly lines can be dynamically reconfigured to meet market demands.

Data generated from internet of Things-type sensors can quickly identify and mitigate process problems creating a faster, cheaper and better operation.

Precision control on the back of multi-gigabit speeds and latency in the single milliseconds will support a new era of industrial robotics.

And that’s just one vertical. Apply the same paradigm from the factory to transportation and retail–essentially connecting the supply chain from raw materials to consumer goods. Real-time inventory information can be seamlessly passed back through the supply chain to help improve transportation, warehousing and production.―RCRWireless News

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