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5G and IoT: Embedded Design in a Hyper-Connected World

Understanding embedded design fundamentals

5G continues to develop ahead of limited commercialization later this year and more scaled deployments and better device support in 2019, the internet of things (IoT) is quickly connecting objects of all sort in an effort to capture, analyze and take action on data. In fact, support for massive IoT is a core 5G use case as is ultra reliable low latency communications, which includes IoT applications like industrial robotics and autonomous drones. So what does this all mean for the embedded design community?

As 5G and the IoT co-evolve, the race is on to produce ever-smaller, more powerful chips and modems, modules and other embedded systems needed to build the next generation of devices. For future developers looking to learn the fundamentals of embedded design for the IoT, as well as seasoned professionals in need of quick refreshers, the team at Enterprise IoT Insights has curated a selection of content that highlights this important trend. – enterpriseiotinsights

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