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50% Indian IT leaders see permanent rise in value of data

Half of Indian IT leaders see a permanent increase in the value of data as organisations accelerate digital transformation, according to a report by Druva, a cloud data protection and management firm.

The ‘Value of Data’ report, based on responses from over 1,000 IT decision-makers in India, the United States and the United Kingdom, also found rising concerns among Indian businesses about data protection and the growing role data agility plays in enabling organisational operations and connecting with customers.

“The (Covid-19) pandemic, and possibilities of an emergence in the coming months, has forced organisations across India to re-evaluate the health of their data, potential security vulnerabilities, and their level of preparedness,” said Milind Borate, co-founder and chief development officer, Druva. “The ability to unlock the value of data, rapidly adapt to changing demands, and delight customers will increasingly be determined by their cloud strategy.”

From the over 300 respondents in India, a third reported an increase in ransomware attacks since the pandemic began, and overall 89% of respondents being more concerned now with protecting their organizational data from ransomware than before the pandemic.

With data being created, stored, and shared in more ways than ever before, IT leaders in India are confronted with unprecedented challenges. The survey reveals that protecting data from outside threats, unauthorised internal access and ensuring business resiliency are becoming key priorities for organisations as they accelerate their cloud migration and digital transformation plans.

The survey found that the time to recover data remains an issue for 67% of the respondents and has increased since the pandemic, while a quarter said that their companies can only go three to four hours without access to data before causing serious harm to their business.

About 76% said that their digital transformation plans have accelerated due to the pandemic, while 42% reported an increase in video conferencing attacks, malware (40%), phishing (35%), user error / accidental tampering or deletion (32%) and insider attack (31%). Business Journal

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