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10 mn UK consumers plan to buy iPhone 13

At least ten million customers plan to upgrade to the iPhone 13 within a year, four million right away in the UK, says a new report. A survey was conducted by asking adults in the UK if they intended to upgrade and what features they would like to see in a new iPhone.

Around 19 per cent of the respondents intended to upgrade within the next year and 35 per cent wanted more battery life, reports AppleInsider.

Multiple data points were collected, with 34 per cent of the respondents asking for lower prices and 27 per cent wanting a charger included in the box. Over 54 per cent of those asked said iPhones are overpriced and 41 per cent say they are overrated, the report said.

A UK-based device exchange company called Uswitch performed the survey across 2,000 of its customers. The resulting dataset was used to determine the larger totals by applying result percentages to the entire UK population.

Therefore, 19 per cent of the respondents intend to upgrade and 19 per cent of the UK population is ten million.

Other results include about 22 per cent of users wanting camera upgrades, a faster processor and better screen resolution. Features below 21 per cent include better screen resolution, a 1TB storage edition, more Apple apps or a different design.

The data can be broken down further, with 8 per cent of the users intending to buy an “iPhone 13” right away. That translates to about four million UK customers. Also, customer loyalty brings at least 38 per cent of the respondents back, while 42 per cent say ease of use is their reason for sticking around, the report said.

Meanwhile, Apple has confirmed that it will launch the “iPhone 13” series during an event to be held on September 14. IANS

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