Ravi Shankar Rai is Managing Director, Savitri Group

Telecommunication in the last decade has stirred the society and for that matter human race itself the most. No doubt mankind is trying to bring improvement in every aspect of life and has started looking much beyond that, so much so that entire universe has become the arena of discovery for the benefit of mankind. But common man's life has not been affected as much as the telecommunication has done. It is anybody's guess as to where these developments will lead the mankind. This is the reason often it is referred to as the telecom revolution.

Savitri Group has been in the business of telecom, covering each and every domain of telecom. Savitri group has always focused on providing the best products and services to the Indian telecom industry. We have always changed our business strategies keeping in view the latest technology and market trends from year to year. Year 2016 certainly opened a new vista in the area of telecommunication.

2016 is a key growth in 100G backhaul application year – wire line, data center interconnect, and submarine cables. Telecom providers continue to invest in their network infrastructure to cope with the capacity and bandwidth demand from consumers and businesses. Internet service providers like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are investing into submarine cables across the Atlantic and Pacific regions. This momentum will carry forward to 2017.

IoT, 5G mobility, and high-speed optical networking will be the key drivers of growth in 2017 across the telco service providers, NEMS, and Internet service providers. Data consumption will grow rapidly in the IoT, and streaming of live video application with service level guarantee is more important than ever.

Cyber security is the next big step in South-East Asia, where governments are giving more research grants and making investments on start-ups in this arena. Singapore government is moving into no Internet on their local machines, which shows the real threat of cyber-attacks and threat.

Multi-tenant data centers will continue to grow in 2017 with the rapid data demand and enterprise data protection in the country. More data centers are ready to deploy colocation space in the regions, especially in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan.

Savitri Group has the reliable solutions to cater to these technologies growth and their ecosystem. Savitri is having technology partners like Viavi USA/Spirent USA/Microsemi USA/3M USA and many others, who are global market leaders in different technology domains.

Savitri Telecom, being one of the technology leaders in India, has always kept abreast of these technical changes and advancements. We are gearing up to occupy the market space created by these advancements with all the manpower, material and, business strategies at our command hoping to achieve the goal we have set for the year 2017.

Convergence of telecom technology to bring all the facilities for the user on one platform will certainly give a boost to FTTH without challenging the wireless communication, which will always have its importance due to mobility benefit.

In recent years, fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) has started to be taken seriously by telecommunication companies around the world, and enabling technologies are being developed rapidly. There are two important types of systems that make FTTH broadband connections possible. FTTH has recently attracted larger attention due to higher bandwidth and high performance. We are going to introduce active and passive both in FTTH, which mainly involves the basic components and related technology, including OLT, ONT, ONU, and ODN. We are planning to start a new vertical altogether to take care of our business by deploying best available technical hands in the year.

As such, perhaps year 2017 is going to be the year of challenges and at the same time the year of great hope as well for Savitri Group.


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