Perfect Partner for Enterprise Communications Solutions and Services in India

ABS India, a leading system integrator in enterprise communication solutions, provides consultancy, design, and services in voice, data, and Wi-Fi infrastructureand solutions space. The professional services team helps customers identify appropriate solutions, experience IP and convergence and manage the most complex communications networks connecting global locations.

ABS has a preferred business partnership with leading OEMs. The company has partnered with industry bellwethers for sourcing equipment and technology. Its end-to-end solutions are customizable and tailored to suit unique needs. It offers services, sales, and support to sustain fruitful relationships with all its customers. The company provides IP telephony, network infrastructure, and enterprise applications so that one can keep customer satisfaction and employee productivity high and operating costs low.

Enterprise Customers Support and Services

ABS India's unmatched technical prowess combined with its responsive customer care enables organizations to experience the full force of the emerging technologies. Its Operations Management team provides the best on-demand, on-site trained Level 1 support 24×7 for 365 days a year. With flexible SLAs to suit the organization's needs, they can focus on developing solutions that add value to the customers they serve.

Enterprise Voice Solutions

With over two decade's experience in handling communication infrastructure for all types of enterprises, ABS India provides scalable and modular enterprise telephony solutions. Its installed base consists of enterprises ranging from a few hundred to thousands of users, single to multiple locations on multiple networks across all the business verticals.

Enterprise Networking Solutions

Networking solutions include campus networking, Wi-Fi and data center solutions. At ABS India, the goal is to establish the most secure and optimized solutions as the de facto standard for customers of all verticals. In addition, the company has a strong track record of unparalleled customer service by anticipating the needs of customers and deploying new, revolutionary technologies to ensure that customers have the best resources that the campus networking industry has to offer. The company offers comprehensive data center solutions and has a large pool of skilled professionals to understand and deploy these solutions.

Enterprise Applications

Unified communication solutions. Possessing in-depth knowledge and expertise to deploy complex solutions with strategic OEMs partnerships in place, the ABS India team partners with customers in the earlier stages of design to understand their needs and propose comprehensive solutions.

Network management solutions. The company has partnered with key OEMs to offer a wide portfolio of network management infrastructure products that run on industry- standard operating systems and provide network management for IP telephony, LANs, WLANs, WANs, and MANs.

Contact center and enterprise applications. For years, the company has successfully developed and deployed rich call management solutions that route customer interactions to the most skilled agents. The company has also partnered with leading OEMs to offer voice-recording solutions.

Cloud Services

ABS India has geared up to offer cloud-based solutions. Focused on pay-per-usage concept, ABS India brings superior user experience backed up by the excellent service and support on the cloud model.

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